Viewing the Conference Report

Conference Report lets you monitor all conference calls made in your Service Account. The details can be filtered by Host Staff Name and Date.

To view Conference Report, from the navigation pane, click Report > Conference Report.

The Conference Report page displays the following details:

Conference ID : a unique, auto-generated ID assigned for each conference call
Host : Name of the Staff member that initiated the conference call
Start Date/Time : the date and time the conference call started
Duration : how long in minutes the conference call lasted
Status : indicates whether or not the conference call connected successfully
Recording : the conference call recording file
Chat History : chat messages sent by participants during the conference call

In the conference report, you can:

  • Listen to the recording. Click Play, or click Download if you want to save a local copy to your device.
  • View chat conversations in the conference. Click on Details.

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Viewing the Conference Report

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