Inquiries in maaiiconnect

Inquiries are questions or issues raised by your visitors and customers concerning your products or services. In maaiiconnect, these inquiries arrive through calls or chat and are attended to by your customer service staff members (agents).

Your visitors can send their inquiries using any of the following channels:

  • Web widget
  • Web click-to-action (CTA) button
  • Tag and Staff Web link / QR code
  • Toll-free / Local Virtual Number
  • Omnichannel (Facebook)

Inquiry Flow

In maaiiconnect, an inquiry can be in any of the following state or status, depending on where it is in the process flow:

Open: the inquiry is on queue, waiting to be picked up by a Staff member/agent.

Ongoing: a Staff member/agent picks up or attends to the inquiry.

Missed: the inquiry was left unattended until it reached the waiting time limit.

Reopened: a Staff member/agent revisits the missed inquiry by returning a call or responding to a chat message.

Closed: the inquiry is resolved and either the visitor or the Staff member/agent ends the conversation.

Inquiry Flow and Status

Inquiry Types

There are four types of inquiry, and here is a simple way to remember them:

  1. The green color is for Call inquiries.
  2. The blue color is for Chat Inquiries.
  3. A rounded, outline icon is for inquiries coming from a Tag (from the Tag Directory, a web link or QR Code, a Virtual Number, or a Facebook Page). This means all associated active staff members will receive a Broadcast notification for this open inquiry.
  4. A rounded solid icon is for inquiries directed to a Staff member (from the Staff Directory, or a web link or QR code). This means only this specific Staff member will receive the notification.

Inquiry and Visitor Details

To know more about inquiry and visitor details, refer to the Inquiry Overview or the Workspace sections of this Guide.

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Inquiries in maaiiconnect

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