Following Up on Missed Inquiries

Missed inquiries are calls and chats initiated by your visitors that were left unattended until they reached the waiting time limit.

As an agent, you can only access missed inquiries associated with Tags, Omnichannel, or Virtual Numbers that your administrator has set you to be a destination endpoint.

Inquiry Center > Missed Inquiry

You can further filter missed inquiries into the following:

  • All Inquiries - the default display
  • With Voicemails only - only displays missed inquiries that contain voicemail messages from visitors and customers

Filter Missed Inquiry

Missed Inquiry with Voicemails only

Inquiry Details

Each inquiry will have the following details:

  • Visitor information (name, IP address, or phone number)
  • Inquiry Type (if a broadcast call, broadcast chat, direct call, or direct chat)
  • Source (if from Tag, virtual number, or Omnichannel)
  • Date and time inquiry was created
  • Location
  • Language

Inquiry Details

Following Up on Missed Inquiries

You can follow up on a missed inquiry by clicking on it from the Inquiry Center. Your Workspace will then create a room where you will handle the inquiry.

This inquiry will then move to the Handling section, and its status changed to Followed-Up.

Follow Up a Missed Inquiry

There will be instances when you will not be able to follow up on an inquiry because the visitor has already left. maaiiconnect will display a pop-up message, saying that the visitor is already offline.

In such instances, you may try and contact the visitor using the details they provided, if any.

To make sure that no visitor slips through the cracks, we recommend that you enable the Visitor Forms. For more details, refer to the Visitor Forms section of this Guide.

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Following Up on Missed Inquiries

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