Answering Calls

To answer an incoming call from the maaiiconnect web Dashboard:

  • Click on the Accept call button.

Alternatively, click on the Decline call button to reject it.

Call screen

Browser Permissions for Microphone and Camera

When answering voice and video calls using maaiiconnect, your browser needs to have access to your device's microphone and camera.

Make sure your browser's camera and microphone permissions for the maaiiconnect Dashboard site or client-side pages (i.e., the pages with the maaiiconnect web widget or web view) are set to Allow. For more information, refer to the Microphone and Camera Permissions for Web Browsers section of this Guide.

Call Screen

The following buttons will appear on your call screen during a call:

  • Mute (1) - mutes your microphone. When enabled, visitors will not be able to hear you, but you will still be able to listen to them
  • Hold (2) - puts the visitor on hold.
  • Keypad (3) - lets you access your keypad.
  • Video Call (4) - switches the call into a video call. Note that this feature requires camera permission to work.
  • Record (5) - starts call recording. Note that if call recording is automatically set, this button is enabled at the beginning of the call.
  • End Call (6) - ends the call.
  • Minimise (7) - minimises the call screen.

You can switch the call into a video call. For more details, refer to the Video Call and Screen Share section of this Guide.

Answering Video Calls

For more details about video calling, refer to the Video Call and Screen Share section of this Guide.

Call Log

Every time you or anyone else makes or answers a call on maaiiconnect, it logs a call history into the room. This Call Log contains the following details :

  • Date
  • Duration
  • Caller Information
  • Called Party Information

To make or return a call, click on any of the logged call histories. The call screen will then appear, indicating that the call has started.

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Answering Calls

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