API Payload Glossary

The following is a glossary of terms found in the payload or responses of the Phone number API service.

Country Codes Glossary


Code: reflects the ISO code of the country. ISO country codes are a two-letter combination or a three-letter combination representing designated countries. To view the complete list of ISO country codes in Alpha-2, Alpha-3 and Numeric format, see this Country Code Reference.


"PHL" for the Philippines
"HKG" for Hong Kong


Prefix reflects the country calling codes or the country dial-in code that is prefixed before the subscriber's telephone number.

"852" for Hong Kong
"61" for the USA

API Billing Charges Glossary


Abbreviation for mobile country code reflecting the three decimal digits. The first digit of the mobile country code identifies the geographic region as follows:

  • 0: Test networks
  • 2: Europe
  • 3: North America and the Caribbean
  • 4: Asia and the Middle East
  • 5: Australia and Oceania
  • 6: Africa
  • 7: South and Central America

454 for Hong Kong
310 for the USA
460 for China


Abbreviation for the monthly recurring charge reflecting the charges that you will see in your bill every month.

"priceMrc": 40.0001


Abbreviation for non-recurring charges, reflecting the one-time charges levied on your bill.
"priceNrc": 50.0001


The currency in which your MRC and NRC is reflected depends on the currency set in your billing profile with M800 Limited.

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API Payload Glossary

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