Making Calls

As a staff member, maaiiconnect lets you make two types of calls:

  • maaiiconnect Calls are calls you make from your maaiiconnect Dashboard or App to visitors or customers through the maaiiconnect Widget installed in a WebRTC-supported web browser. They can also be the calls you make to your fellow staff members through their maaiiconnect Dashboard or App.

  • Dial pad Calls are the calls you make from your maaiiconnect Dashboard or App to visitors, customers, or fellow staff members by dialing their landline or mobile phone numbers.

Browser Permissions for Microphone and Camera

When making or answering voice and video calls using maaiiconnect, your browser needs to have access to your device's microphone and camera.

Make sure your browser's camera and microphone permissions for the maaiiconnect dashboard site or client-side pages (i.e., the pages with the maaiiconnect web widget or web view) are set to Allow. For more information, refer to the Microphone and Camera Permissions for Web Browsers section of this Guide.

maaiiconnect Call

You can make maaiiconnect calls from the Recent Connection area of your Workspace or from your Contacts List.

To make a maaiiconnect call from the Workspace:

  • Go to the Utility panel, where the Recent Connection area is displayed by default. The Recent Connection area lists all your ongoing conversations with visitors, customers, and fellow staff members.
  • Click on the name of the room where you want to make a call.
  • On the chatroom panel, click on the call icon on the upper-right corner.

Recent Connection

  • The call is initiated.

maaiiconnect Call from the Recent Connection

To make a maaiiconnect call from your Contacts List:

  • On your Workspace, go to the Utility panel then click on the All Contacts tab.

All Contacts

  • On the Contacts List that will appear, scroll down through or search for the contact you want to call then click on their name to open their Contact Details.

Staff Profile

  • On your contact's Profile window that will pop up, click on the Call button to initiate the call.

Ongoing Call

Dial Pad Calls

You can make outbound calls using the Dial pad.

To make an outbound call:

  • On your Workspace, go to the Utility panel then click on the Dial pad tab.

Dial pad

  • Check the Display Number, which is your caller ID or calling line identity (CLI). You may change your Display Number from the default one if there are other options available in your maaiiconnect service.
  • Select the country code from the dropdown list, then type the phone number using the keypad.

Type the number in the dial pad

  • Click on the Call button to initiate the call.

Dial pad call with PSTN Number

Video Calls

For more details about making a video call, refer to the Video Call section of this Guide.

Call Log

Every time you or anyone else makes or answers a call on maaiiconnect, it logs a call history into the room. This Call Log contains the following details :

  • Date
  • Duration
  • Caller Information
  • Called Party Information

To make or return a call:

  • Click on any of the logged call histories. A call screen will then appear, indicating that the call has initiated.

Call Log

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Making Calls

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