Dashboard Login and Logout

Dashboard Login

To log on to your maaiiconnect dashboard, use the service account provided from the sign-up as your login URL, e.g.:
Service name: example
Domain: maaiiconnect.com
URL: https://example.maaiiconnect.com

On the maaiiconnect login page:

  • Enter the email and password registered with your maaiiconnect service account.
  • Click on Login.

Dashboard Login Page

When you enter incorrect account credentials, the login page will generate the following error message: Incorrect email or password.



The created service account used to log on to the dashboard is also needed to log on to the maaiiconnect mobile App. We recommend that you bookmark the login URL after logging in successfully.


Welcome Page

After you have successfully logged in for the first time, a welcome page introduces maaiiconnect's features and capabilities.

Welcome Page

Click (>) to view the next slide and (<) to view the previous slide.

Welcome Page

Alternatively, click Skip to close the welcome page, access the Dashboard, and get started.

Welcome Page



For security reasons, the system will log you out of the dashboard if you have been inactive for more than eight hours.


Onboarding Slides

If you are the first-ever administrator to log in to a newly-created maaiiconnect service account, instead of the Welcome Page, a set of Onboarding Slides will pop up to help you quickly go through any or all of the following administrative tasks:

  1. Connect to our system and register your site(s)
  2. Install the Widget on your website
  3. Invite colleagues to become Staff members

Below are the steps you can follow to finish the initial configurations for your maaiiconnect service account using the Onboarding Slides. Alternatively, you may choose to skip these anytime during the process by clicking on Skip for now at the top-right corner of the pop-up screens.

  • On the welcome page, choose how you would like to use maaiiconnect. You can select one or both of the following:
    • Customer Engagement - if you will use maaiiconnect to install the web Widget so your customers can call or chat with you or any of you support agents anytime.
    • Team Collaboration - if you will use maaiiconnect to make calls, send instant messages, or share files with colleagues to increase team productivity.
  • Click on Start. Depending on your selection(s), you will through any or all of the succeeding steps.

Onboarding Slides welcome page

  • On the Connect to our system page, type in the domain(s) of the websites where you want the maaiiconnect Widget to be installed, then click on Add domain. You may add up to five domains.
  • Click on Next step >.

Adding website domain(s)

  • On the Install the Widget page, click on the Copy code button to copy your maaiiconnect Widget's code snippet and paste it on your website's HTML source code. If your website was built using a content management system (CMS) or an e-commerce builder, click on any of the CMS buttons to access our step-by-step Installation Guides for them.
  • Click on Next step >.

Copying the maaiiconnect Widget code snippet

  • On the Invite colleagues page, type the email addresses of the colleagues you wish to add to the maaiiconnect service on the text fields provided, then select their respective roles in the dropdown boxes beside the said fields. You need to add at least one colleague before you can finish the setup. You may add more members later in Staff Management.
  • Click on Send Invite.

Adding colleagues as Staff members

  • On the last page of the Onboarding Slides, click on Go to Dashboard to get started in using maaiiconnect. Alternatively, you may click on any of the several buttons at the bottom of the page to continue setting up the different features you can use for your maaiiconnect service.

More options to set up maaiiconnect


Dashboard Logout

To log out from the maaiiconnect Dashboard:

  • Click your Staff account name on the top right corner and then click Logout.

Dashboard Logout

  • You will be redirected to the login page once successfully logout.

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Dashboard Login and Logout

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