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How many contacts can I add to my maaiiconnect account?

You can add up to 10,000 contacts to your maaiiconnect account.

Can I import contacts to maaiiconnect in bulk?

Yes, you can directly import all your existing contacts by uploading them in a CSV file.

Can I share my contacts to the other agents?

Yes, you can share External Contacts to your fellow staff members.

What happens when I delete a contact?

If you are the owner of the External Contact and you share their details to fellow staff members, deleting the External Contact will also remove them from other staff members' Contact List. Otherwise, the External Contact will only be removed from your Contact List.

How do I add/invite my teammates?

You may add or invite colleagues by creating a staff account for them. From your maaiiconnect Dashboard, go to Contact Management > Staff Management, then click on Create Account. You may also import Staff accounts in bulk using a spreadsheet template. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Can I resend an activation email to a teammate?

Yes, you can. Go to Contact Management > Staff Management, find the staff member in the list, click on the utility menu (at the end of the row), and click Resend Activation Email.

Can I disconnect staff members such as agents remotely?

Yes, you can. Staff Administrators can remotely log out a staff member from maaiiconnect. Simply go to Contact Management > Staff Management and click on Logout Account.

Can I suspend or delete staff member who is no longer working for the company without losing any handled inquiries?

Yes, you can. Staff Administrators can suspend a staff member by toggling the status button to OFF in the Staff Management page. They can also delete a staff account by clicking on Delete Account in the utility menu (at the end of each row). Before suspending or deleting a Staff member's account, you can transfer his/her current inquiries to another staff member.

Can I reactivate a suspended staff account?

Yes, you can. Staff administrators can reactivate a suspended staff account by toggling the member's status to ON in the Staff Management page.

Can I recover a deleted staff account?

maaiiconnect does not support account recovery, but you can always create a new account for your staff. You will have to go through the same process of adding and activating a new account.

Can I change a staff email address on maaiiconnect?

No, you can't. If a staff member's email has been changed, you will need to create a new staff account on maaiiconnect for them.

Can I customise the access level of my team members on maaiiconnect?

Yes, you can.Staff Administrators can customise Roles and Permissions for specific staff members.

Can I create a customise user roles and assign permissions?

Yes, you can. Staff Administrators can create custom roles and permissions for Staff members.

Can I edit or delete a user role?

You can only edit or delete the custom roles that you have created. You cannot edit or delete the default roles in your maaiiconnect service. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Can we have multiple Staff Administrators in one account?

Yes, there is no limit for each Role.

How do you create a team and add members on maaiiconnect?

To create a team, go to Administration > Organisation > Team and click on Add Sub-Team. You can also add staff members to a team here. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Check out our blog post on Staff Management features.

How many groups or teams can I create on maaiiconnect?

There is no limit to that. You can create as many teams and sub-teams on maaiiconnect as you need.

Can I have the Widget Directory in multiple languages?

Yes, you can display the maaiiconnect Widget in multiple languages, depending on the visitor's site language. You can manage the Widget language settings in Administration > Widget > Appearance.

Can I change the appearance of the widget to match our site better?

Yes, you can change your Widget's colour to match your company's corporate image. LITE, PRO and BUSINESS Plans allow even more customisation for the Widget, such as uploading your own icon and in-call video and image. Go to Administration > Widget > Appearanceto customise your Widget's appearance.

How can I change the widget icon on my website?

Accounts using the LITE, PRO and BUSINESS Plans can upload an image to customise their Widget icon. Go to Administration > Widget > Appearance to customise your Widget's appearance.

Can I turn off the widget when not in use?

Yes, you can hide the Widget if you don't need it for the time being. Go to Administration > Widget > Appearance and toggle the Widget Display button OFF.

Can I have my customers provide their first name, last name, phone number, etc. when they send an inquiry?

Yes, you can. maaiiconnect has a Pre-Chat Survey form to let customers fill out personal information before starting an inquiry session. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Can I ask my customers to leave a message when no one answered their inquiry?

Yes, you can. maaiiconnect has an Offline Support form to let customers leave you a message if no agent is available to pick up their inquiry. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

What happens if my account storage is full?

If you have reached your service account's maximum storage limit, you will no longer be able to save files such as call recordings and media files unless you delete some of the old files to free up storage space or upgrade your plan.

Can I delete shared files to free up my storage?

Yes, you can.

Can I buy more storage without upgrading my service plan?

maaiiconnect does not support separate storage upgrade. You need to buy additional licences to get more storage space. The amount of storage space per licence depends on your subscription plan. To view the plans comparison, please go to the following link www.maaiiconnect.com/pricing.

How do I monitor the usage of my account?

Staff with an Admin Role can go to My Plan on the navigation menu to monitor whether they have consumed all usage entitlements included in their current service plan.

What types of reports and analytics do you offer?

All maaiiconnect service plans have the following reports:

  • Inquiry Overview for monitoring
  • Inquiry Report
  • Call Report
  • Chat Report
  • Visitor Report
  • Staff Activity Report
  • However, the length of the reporting period varies per subscription plan.
  • SMS Report and Conference Report are available for PRO and BUSINESS Plans.

To view the plans comparison, please click on the following link www.maaiiconnect.com/pricing.

Where can I check the usage history or Call Detail Record (CDR) of all calls in my maaiiconnect account?

You can find the details of all inbound and outbound calls in the Report > Call Report > Detail Report page.

Does maaiiconnect provide SMS delivery report?

Yes, we do. The SMS Report provides statistics of the total SMS sent, including its delivery status and location distribution.

Can I monitor visitor traffic on my website pages?

Yes, you can. The Visitor Report provides statistics on new and active visitors.

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Dashboard and Analytics

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