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Why can't I see settings and configurations on the mobile app? What can I do on the mobile app?

The maaiiconnect App focuses on customer engagement and internal communication features. You can manage your settings and configurations on the Dashboard.

Will maaiiconnect work on my mobile device?

The maaiiconnect Staff Mobile App is available in the following mobile OS:

For more information about the requirements, refer to the Overview section of our User Guide.

I am trying to login to maaiiconnect on my mobile phone, and it prompts me for my login subdomain. Where can I get my subdomain?

The subdomain refers to the company subdomain registered in maaiiconnect. It is the same subdomain or URL you use when you log in to the maaiiconnect Dashboard, e.g.,

If you are still unsure of your subdomain, please contact your administrator or our maaiiconnect Support Team at [email protected].

Can I login to the mobile app and on the web dashboard at the same time?

Yes, you can. A staff member can log in up to 3 devices for the maaiiconnect App and 2 web browsers for the maaiiconnect Dashboard. Note that you will receive calls and chat notifications on all of your devices and browsers simultaneously.

I am unable to login to maaiiconnect through the mobile app. Please help!

Please make sure that your maaiiconnect subdomain and the domain name are correct. The subdomain is a part of your domain or URL of your web dashboard sign-in.

For example:
Domain (URL):
Your Subdomain: example
Domain Name: or

Make sure your login credentials are correct. Your login email would be your registered email address, and the password will be the one you created when registering an account. If you still cannot log in to maaiiconnect, please contact your administrator or the maaiiconnect Support Team at [email protected].

Is there an app where my customers or clients can log in to contact our customer support?

The maaiiconnect App is currently for staff members with maaiiconnect subdomain only.

I am not receiving the call and chat enquiries on my maaiiconnect app. What am I doing wrong?

Your availability status may have been set to Busy. To receive call or chat enquiries, make sure that your availability status is set to Active. If you are receiving enquiries on your Dashboard but not on your App, make sure your App is running in the background and not signed out.

How can I manage notifications through the mobile app?

To activate and manage calls and chat notifications for your maaiiconnect App, go to My Account > Settings > Notification.

How can I manage the Unread panel for open enquiries and unread messages?

To manage your Unread panel settings, go to My Account > Settings > Unread Panel. From there, you can enable or disable Unread Panel and choose which information will be displayed in it.

How can I disable the shake-phone to send feedback on the maaiiconnect App?

To disable the shake-to send feedback feature, go to My Account > About Us > Feedback Form then toggle the Shake phone to send Feedback button to OFF.

Will all the changes I applied in the maaiiconnect App settings also apply to my Dashboard?

Yes, they will.

Can I use maaiiconnect on a website built on Wix, WordPress or any other content management systems (CMS's)?

Yes, you can. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

You can also check out our blog post on CMS integration here.

Can I use maaiiconnect in dynamic and secure web pages? Does it work properly on Linux hosting?

Yes you can. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Does maaiiconnect provide integration with a Chatbot solution?

Chatbots will be arriving on maaiiconnect very soon! If you’re interested to learn more about integrating with Microsoft QnA Maker, contact our team to schedule a demo.

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Integration and APIs

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