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Do maaiiconnect instant messages (IMs) and group messages cost money?

maaiiconnect IMs and group chat messages are sent over the internet. The cost of these messages depends on your internet access. For example, if you are connected to a free Wi-Fi network, there should be no cost to send or receive maaiiconnect messages. However, if you are using mobile data, then the data charges for your mobile subscription may apply.

Does maaiiconnect have a chat message limit?

No, maaiiconnect does not have a chat message limit.

Does maaiiconnect offer public and private group chat?

Yes. maaiiconnect allows staff members create public and private Spaces for internal communication and collaboration.

How do I create and invite members into a group chat?

Go to your Workspace, click on the (+) button on the bottom right corner on the Utility panel, then click on New Chat to create a new Space. You can then select the staff members you wish to invite on the pop-up window. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

How many members can join a group chat?

A Space can have up to 500 members.

Can I ask my customers to directly message or call me through a Web link or QR Code?

Yes, share your personal Weblink or QR Code for Call or Chat Inquiry, which you can find in your account profile.

Can I use a direct link or QR code instead of a widget for the chat and call features, as I am unable to add custom code or add a plugin to my website?

Yes, you can use Web links or QR Codes to let your customers or visitors contact you or your support staff, without the need of adding a Widget to your website. Go to Channels > Directory, copy the Web link or QR Code from a Tag, and share it to your customers. You may also share a personal Weblink or QR Code, which can be found in the My Account page or in Contact Management > Staff Management.

Can I put a live chat and call link in my email messages, ads and others?

Yes, you can. Simply copy the Web link or QR Code and add it your email messages or ads.

How can I send SMS texts on maaiiconnect?

You can send SMS texts from your maaiiconnect Dashboard or the App using the dial pad or Contact list in your Workspace, or through the Campaigns feature. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Can I send international SMS on maaiiconnect?

Yes, you can.

Can I change the sender address for outgoing SMS?

Yes, you can configure the SMS sender address for 1-to-1 SMS and broadcast campaigns.

Can I send bulk SMS on maaiiconnect?

Yes, you can. maaiiconnect has a broadcast messaging feature called Campaigns that lets you send messages such as SMS in bulk to your target recipients anywhere in the world. To do that, create a Standard or Dynamic Campaign and configure the details accordingly.

What is a Standard Campaign?

A Standard Campaign lets you send any message to any of your target recipients using a spreadsheet template.

What is a Dynamic Campaign?

A Dynamic Campaign gives you more options. You can send the same message to multiple target recipients, or you can add variables such as web links, first and last names, or other customisations to personalise further the message for each recipient.

Do I need to follow any format for setting up bulk SMS on maaiiconnect?

Yes, you must follow a standard format for bulk SMS. A spreadsheet template is available for download on the Create Campaign page.

What is the maximum number of recipients for a bulk SMS campaign on maaiiconnect?

You can send SMS texts to up to 10,000 recipients in a single Campaign.

Why is the SMS word count for China different from the word count for International messages?

The character count is longer for SMS sending to China because a portion of the message is reserved for corporate signatures.

How can I know that an inquiry is from a Facebook channel?

An inquiry from Facebook is displayed in the Inquiry Panel as a Facebook icon with the profile photo of the user.

What is the maximum file size for file sharing in a chatroom?

Visitors can share files that are up to 20 MB in size in a chatroom; on the other hand, Staff members can share up to 200 MB.

Can I delete sent messages in the chatroom?

Yes, you can recall a message within five minutes after posting it.

Can I edit a chat message after I send it?

Yes, you can edit a message within five minutes after sending it.

Can I reply to a specific message within a chatroom?

Yes, you can.

What are Quick Links?

Quick Links are text shortcuts to weblinks or phone numbers Staff members can use when composing messages.

Can I create or customise my Quick Links when composing SMS?

maaiiconnect currently supports personal call and chat weblinks, Tag Directory call and chat weblinks, and numbers associated with the maaiiconnect service account when sending 1-to-1 SMS or launching Dynamic Campaigns.

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Smart Messaging

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