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What makes maaiiconnect different from other call and live chat applications?

Unlike most live chat and call applications that are designed for either customer engagement or internal collaboration, maaiiconnect combines the best of two worlds into a unified communications platform. It also leverages a range of digital and telecom channels to allow users to engage with customers and colleagues anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Can visitors call me directly from my website?

Yes, they can. You will need to install and configure the maaiiconnect Widget to enable that. Please refer to our User Guide for more information.

How can I use Web link and QR Code calls?

You can use Weblink, and QR Code Calls to let your customers or visitors call your support staff without the need of memorising phone numbers or going to your website to access the Widget. Copy the Web link or QR code and share it with your customers.

For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Does maaiiconnect have agent-to-agent calls apart from agent-to-customer calls?

Yes, you can use its features like voice call, video call, and call conferencing to communicate with colleagues through the maaiiconnect Dashboard or App.

Can I use a Bluetooth headset during a maaiiconnect call?

Yes, you can, as long as it is compatible with the computer or mobile device you are using.

How can I call a contact using maaiiconnect?

You can call any contact directly from your Dashboard. Go to your Workspace, then click on the All Contacts icon and scroll through the list, or type a name in the search bar to find a contact. Select the contact you wish to call and click on the Call or Off-net Call button on the contact tab. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Can I dial a phone number and call on maaiiconnect?

Yes, you can dial a phone number directly from your Workspace. Click on the Dial pad icon on your Utility panel (just under the search bar), then type in the phone number you wish to call. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Can I switch between voice and video calls on maaiiconnect?

Yes, you can switch from a voice call to a video call by clicking on the video icon on your call screen. To switch back to voice call, click on the video icon on your call screen again.

How do I set up a conference call?

To set up an instant conference call, go to the Recent tab on your Workspace, and click on the (+) button located on the lower right corner of the Utility panel, then click on New Meeting. You can also initiate a conference call in an existing Space by clicking on the Call icon in the chatroom. For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Do I need to reserve a time slot for the conference call?

No, you don’t need to reserve a time slot when making a conference call on maaiiconnect.

Can I invite non-maaiiconnect users in the conference call?

Yes, you can invite non-maaiiconnect users in a conference call. You may copy and share to them the conference link via SMS text or you may dial out their phone number directly from the conference room. Please refer to our User Guide.

Can I join a conference call by phone?

Yes, you can. The conference host can invite users to a conference call by dialling their phone numbers.

How many participants can attend a conference call?

You can have up to 10 participants in a conference call session.

Is there a time limit for conference calls?

No, there is no time limit for conference calls.

What functions are available for participants during conference calls?

All participants, including the host and co-hosts, can talk to each other, mute or unmute themselves, share their screens, send messages and emojis, and transfer files in the conference call room.

Does maaiiconnect have video conferencing?

Yes, the video conferencing feature is also available.

Can I share my desktop during a call?

Yes, you can use the Share Screen feature to share your desktop, including any applications currently running on it. You will need to enable the video call first to access this feature.

What type of recording features are available on maaiiconnect?

There are two types of call recordings available in maaiiconnect: automatic recording and manual recording to your voice and video calls.

Note that only voice call is recorded in the conference call.
Please refer to our User Guide.

As an administrator, can I configure what type of calls to be recorded?

Yes, you can. maaiiconnect has the following call types that you can choose to record automatically, manually or no recording to the enquiry call, outbound call, internal call, and conference call.

For more information, please refer to our User Guide.

Where do I configure call recording on maaiiconnect?

You can configure call recording settings on the maaiiconnect Dashboard. From the navigation menu, go to Administration > Call Recording.

Who can configure call recording on maaiiconnect?

Only Staff Administrators have the full Permission to configure call recording settings.

Can I pause an ongoing call recording?

No, you can’t. Once call recording has started, it will record the conversation until the end.

How do I access call recordings?

You can access call recordings in the call log that will be created inside the chatroom. You may also access call recordings in the Call Detail Report, Conference Report and your Service Storage.

How long are call recordings available?

Depending on the call recording settings configured by your Admin and your storage limit, maaiiconnect can store recording files up to one year or more. Please refer to our User Guide.

Can I download my call recordings?

Yes, you can download call recording files from the Call Detail Report. Go to Report > Call Report > Detail Report. You can also download conference call recordings from the Conference Report. Go to Report > Conference Report.

Does maaiiconnect support Dual Tone Multiple Frequencies (DTMF) tones?

Yes, maaiiconnect supports DTMF.

Does maaiiconnect support Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

maaiiconnect will support IVR soon. Stay tuned!

Does maaiiconnect have an auto-dialler feature?

Yes, it does. Smart Calling is maaiiconnect's auto-dialler feature that lets you dial multiple phone numbers in sequence. It is useful for making call trees or launching call campaigns.

How does Smart Calling work?

In Smart Calling, you need to upload a list of phone numbers using a spreadsheet template and select your Caller ID with engagement enabled. You can then immediately start the calling task or do it at a later time.

If I start a call campaign, does it mean that I have to sit through it until I called the very last number on the list?

Not necessarily. You can pause, resume, and terminate a call task anytime.

Can I view or download the details of each successful, failed, and/or cancelled calls made using Smart Calling?

Yes, you can. The Smart Calling page has a View Call Report option that redirects you to the Call Detail Report. It also lets you download a file of all successful, failed, or cancelled call records.

I want to start a Smart Calling task, but I'm getting an error message. What am I doing wrong?

You may not have a virtual number associated with your service account, or its Engagement setting is disabled. Please check with your administrator, or contact our Support Team.

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Voice and Video

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