Creating Tags

This section will guide you on how to create new tags.

To create a new tag:

  • Navigate to the Directory interface from the dashboard navigation pane.
    In the Tags interface, click Create New Tag at the top right-hand side corner.
  • This action will launch the Create New Tag wizard with the following sequential workflow:

General Function

  • Select for the function the tag should be available
  • Call and Chat
  • Call
  • Chat

Tag Default Name

  • Upload tag Icon, set its display name and description (optional)
  • Create a tag name in a different language (optional)



Tags with multiple Destinations route enquiries to the succeeding Destinations if the first one is unavailable or has timed out.


Minimise missed enquiries by adding multiple destinations in a channel.

Add a Destination

  • To add a destination, click on the (+) button located at the right side of the Add Destination
  • A pop-up window will show to select from the created destinations
  • Search or scroll up/down the destination list, select a destination and click Add

Add a Destination

Remove a Destination

  • To remove an added destination, click on the bin icon
  • A pop-up window of confirmation for the removal of destination
  • Click Remove

Remove a Destination

Create a Destination
To know how to create a destination, refer to How to Create a New Destination section of this Guide.

Note: You can add up to five destinations per tag.


Sticky Routing

Sticky Routing is a relationship established between a visitor and a specific staff agent. The open enquiry from the same visitor directly routes to the same staff agent.

Enable Sticky Routing

  • Switch on the grey disabled toggle button to enable the Sticky Routing function.

Enabled Sticky Routing

Disable Sticky Routing

  • Switch the green enabled toggle button off to disable the Sticky Routing function.

Disabled Sticky Routing


QR Code & Web Link

Allow your customers to contact you by scanning a QR Code or clicking a Web Link of your support team.

The QR Code and Web Link for Call and Chat enquiries are auto-generated for every created tag.


What to expect?

  • A downloadable QR Code image that can be shared with your customers
  • A clickable Web Link that can be shared with your customers
  • Receive customers' enquires when scanning the QR Code
  • Attend to their queries in your maaiiconnect Workspace

QR Code & Web Link


Setting Up Conditional Trigger

It is trigger metadata that treats keywords as criteria to show or hide the tag. If left blank, the tag will appear by default in the Tag Directory.

For detailed instructions on setting a conditional trigger to a tag, see the Tag Conditional Trigger section of this Guide.


Percentage & Time Routing

Add two or more destinations to your tag to use the Routing Rules and have your staff provide 24x7 support or according to your customer service support operation.

See the Percentage & Time Routing section of this Guide to know how to use the routing rules and which type (Percentage Routing of Time-based Routing) is best to use for your customer service teams or groups.

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Creating Tags

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