How to Create New Tags

This section will guide you on how to create new tags.

To create a new tag:

  1. Navigate to the Directory interface from the dashboard navigation pane.
  2. In the Tags interface, click Create New Tag at the top right-hand side corner.

This action will launch the Create New Tag wizard with the following 2-stage sequential workflow:

Basic Settings

General Function

Select the function for the tag in radio button.

  • Call and Chat
  • Call
  • Chat

Tag Default Name

Upload tag Icon, set its Display Name and description (optional)
You can also set other tag name for specific language


Click + to add destination
Refer to How to Create New Destination Add New Destination section of this Guide for the creation of new destination.

Sticky Routing

Toggle button to enable and disable the sticky relation between the agent and customer of the tag.


Add 2 or more destinations to your tag to use the Routing Rules and have your staff to provide 24x7 support or according to your business support operation.

Routing Rules

Percentage Routing

To set up a percentage routing:

  1. Click + Add New Routing
  2. From the drop-down, select Percentage Routing.
  3. Enter the percentage value in the Every field.
  4. In the Route To field, select the destination where you want to route the calls as per the percentage value entered.
  5. In the Otherwise field, select the destination where you want to route the remainder of the calls. Finally, click Save.
Percentage Routing

Percentage Routing


Percentage value should be between 1 % - 99 %.

Time-based Routing

To set a time-based routing:

  1. Click + Add New Routing
  2. From the drop-down, select Time Routing.
  3. In the Every field: select the day(s).
  4. In the From field: set the start time.
  5. In the To field: set the end time.
  6. You can preview the set time routing with your set time zone by clicking Preview in my time zone link.
  7. In the Go to field: select the destination to route the calls.
  8. In the Otherwise field: select the destination to route the calls not falling in the time scope of the first condition. Finally click Save.
Time Routing Rule

Time Routing Rule


  1. The time format used is 24-hour notation in the form HH:MM.
  2. The time settings is based on Time Zone UTC +00:00

To preview the time routing set, click Preview in my time zone and a small window will appear with preview of time routing according to the time zone you have set your account.

Preview Time Routing

Preview Time Routing


  1. Routing Rules is best used for multiple destinations coming from different departments or teams in different locations.
  2. The Routing distribution will based from the % or time allocated to each destination.

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How to Create New Tags

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