Keyboard Shortcuts

maaiiconnect users can easily navigate through the platform by clicking on relevant icons. However, they may also use its keyboard shortcuts to access maaiiconnect features and functionalities even quicker.

To view these keyboard shortcuts, click on the keyboard icon located at the top-right corner of your dashboard.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

The table below lists the Windows and Mac shortcut keys for commonly used actions in the maaiiconnect dashboard:

Windows KeysMac KeysAction
Ctrl + Shift + Y⌘ + Shift + YChange your availability status
from active to busy or vice versa
Ctrl + N⌘ + NOpen a new chat window
Ctrl + F⌘ + FConduct a search from within your chatroom
Ctrl + .⌘ + .Open/Close the side panel
Ctrl + Shift + C⌘ + Shift + CClose an inquiry
Ctrl + Shift + A⌘ + Shift + AAdd a new member to a chatroom
Ctrl + Shift + S⌘ + Shift + SSwitch from chat to SMS in the chat input field
Ctrl + Shift + F⌘ + Shift + FSearch for contacts
Ctrl + Shift + E⌘ + Shift + EAdd a new contact
Ctrl + Shift + M⌘ + Shift + MOpen/Close the inquiry panel
Ctrl + U⌘ + UShare files using the input field
MMMute/Unmute your microphone during a call
VVTurn the camera on/off during a video call

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Keyboard Shortcuts

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