Android SDK Developer Guide

liveConnect is an all-in-one, integrated solution for customer service and sales communication. It is a web and mobile-based two-way communication platform developed for users and brands. liveConnect allows your customers to connect with your agents using instant messaging or voice call, allowing faster inquiry resolution and positive brand experience.

liveConnect offers carrier-grade communication services, including IM and voice call. As an enterprise product, liveConnect provides a web portal as a tool that supports user management, services configuration, analytics and reporting. It offers immense flexibility in connecting with your customers from your Android, iOS and Web applications, allowing a single customer care gateway for all platforms.

Intended Audience

This document is geared toward those who have general knowledge in Java programming language to enable them to integrate liveConnect SDK to their mobile application. This guide is designed for Android developers who need to understand the requirements and guidelines for configuring the settings of liveConnect SDK to successfully integrate M800's liveConnect into an Android project.

Core Features

  • Connect your customers with suitable agents, based on their skillset (for example: Sales,
    Marketing, Tech Support) and solve customers’ queries instantly
  • Enable customers to initiate a voice call or instant message to your agents with a simple click
  • Share files and audio notes and start group chat via instant messaging (IM)
  • Reach out to users through Voice over IP (VoIP) or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN),
    by dialling their phone number, picking them in your contact book or via liveConnect platform
  • Verify users with SMS

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Android SDK Developer Guide

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