What is liveConnect?

liveConnect is a cloud-based, virtual contact center that makes it easy for any business to deliver better customer service at lower cost. liveConnect enables instant two-way Live Chat and Live Call communications with your customers using our proprietary communications technology integrated into your Mobile App(s) or Website(s).

Who should use liveConnect?

If you’re looking to improve your contact center experience, you can benefit from using liveConnect! Whether you need 1 agent or 1000 agents, we have a scalable and customizable plan that will fit your company and your budget.

Do you have examples of how customers are already using liveConnect?

Yes. Please see the website for a list of our customers

Is there a free trial for liveConnect?

Yes. For addition details, please visit the website and click “free Trial”. Alternatively, you can click the “LiveConnect widget” and sales agents will respond to your inquiry.

What feature can a free trial account provide?

30 days free trial with 5 agents, IM, Call and Pre-Chat Survey Features would be given to your free trial account

What happens after my trial expires?

Your account will be suspended after the 30 days free trial. You can upgrade to paid subscription to continue the service.

When does my billing cycle start?

After you upgrade from free trial to paid subscription, the billing cycle will start in a monthly basis.

Can I have my visitor include info like Full Name, Email, Contact Number when they're asking for support?

Yes, liveConnect has Web and Mobile Pre-Chat survey to collect information to your visitor.

Can I place liveConnect Widget on more than one site / domain?

Yes, you can install the liveConnect Widget in multiple websites and mobile apps

Can I have a different Company branding for each widget to be installed in my websites and mobile apps?

Only 1 company branding can be applied for widgets installed across your websites and mobile apps

What is the benefit of being 100% cloud-based?

  1. You do not need to manage hardware, space, or telephony infrastructure.
  2. Admins and Agents can use liveConnect anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and a supported browser.
  3. You do not need to plan for scaling up or down. The system can evolve with your company and grow and shrink as you need.

Which browsers are supported?

liveConnect requires WebRTC supported browsers to enable VoIP communications. Currently, we support the latest versions of

  • Desktop Chrome version 70 or above
  • Desktop FireFox version 63
  • Android mobile Chrome version 70
  • Android mobile FireFox version 63

Additional browsers Safari for Mac and Safari for iOS will be supported in Q1, 2019

What kind of pricing plans are available?

Essential: For small business, home offices and startups (coming soon)

Professional: For support teams working in small businesses and companies that want to have multiple agents chatting with clients.

Premium: For big businesses that need the help of a dedicated Key Account Manager.

How can I change the quantity of license after I become a paid subscriber?

You can send an email to and a Customer Support team member will follow up with you shortly.

How secure is liveConnect?

Strong Security! Data encryption to ensure that all communications recorded remain private. Private and secure storage of each customer’s communications data history


How do I add liveConnect agents?

You can add new Agents via the liveConnect Admin Dashboard and configure each user's details.

Is the chat window customizable?

Yes, you can customize liveConnect widget to match your own corporate colors, branding to include images and video.

Does liveConnect support User Verification?

Yes, SMS verification for your liveconnect Mobile SDK can be turned on and off in the Admin Dashboard.

Can the Agent's Email be changed?

No, the Agent’s email address cannot be changed. If an agent needs to change the login email, the administrator will need to add a new agent account in the Admin Dashboard, then delete the old account

How to store and retrieve chat history?

Chat History Archives are accessible only by the Admin. The Archives are easily searchable by Agent name, time and date. In addition to stored text info and documents, all media are stored including Audio Notes and Video files.

How long will we store the chat history?

We will store all your data indefinitely as long as your liveConnect account is active or until you request us to delete from our secure servers.


How do end-customers (visitors) interact with liveConnect?

The liveConnect “widget” can be integrated into your mobile app and/or website with only a few lines of code. The liveConnect “widget” will let your customers start a voice call or instant message with your agents in one simple click.

How do Agents interact with liveConnect?

Agents use the “Agent Dashboard” to control their interactions, such as sending or receiving calls and instant messaging, or setting their status. Agents can use liveConnect anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and a supported browser.

Can Agents interact with liveConnect on a Mobile App?

liveConnect Mobile Agent app is currently in development and will released in Q1 2019


What is the routing criteria to determine the termination of the call?

Skills based Routing - Route calls to different Agents based on language and skill set.

How does liveConnect determines which agents can handle a specific inquiry?

Agents are assigned to a Tag or Tags, which are associated with their own particular skill set. Visitors will click the call or IM button on a specific Tag to connect the right agent instantly!

Can a single Agent be assigned to multiple Tags?

Yes. Agents can be assigned to multiple Tags when there are agents with multiple overlapping skill sets.

If two agents are available and have the same skill set, how does liveConnect determines which agent to send a contact to?

Both agents will receive the Inquiry, the 1st Agent to reply will be responsible for closing the inquiry.


How to access the Data Analytics?

Analytics can only be accessed by the Administrator via the Admin Dashboard

What type of Analytics does liveConnect support?

  1. Agent Analytics: Gain insight into how your contact center is performing in real time. You can see reports based on individual Agents or all of the Agents. (Coming soon in 2019)
  2. User Analytics: Gain insight into New Users, Returning Users, the Users Geographic Location, Mobile or Web Device model and Browser.

Can I save and/or export reports in liveConnect to be accessed later? (coming soon)

Yes, the Admin can save and or export Analytics reports in CSV format.

Can I schedule reports to run and be exported at specific times? (coming soon)

Yes, you can schedule reports to be automatically sent to your email daily and monthly.


How can I add liveConnect to my website?

Integrate to your website with a few line of code. See the Web Developer Guide for step-by-Step instructions,

How can I add LiveConnect to my Mobile App?

Integrate to your mobile app with a few lines of code. See the iOS and Android Developer Guides for step-by-step instructions. &

I’m an Agent. How can I learn more about using liveConnect?

To learn more about liveConnect, please see the Agent User Guide.

I’m an Admin. How can I learn more about using liveConnect?

To learn more about liveConnect please see the Admin User Guide.

How do I get support for liveConnect?

The answers to most questions about liveConnect can be found in the User Guides and/or the Developer Guides. In addition, we have 24/7 Customer support center to ensure that your business can always run seamlessly. Please visit and click on the liveConnect widget to contact our Customer Support. Alternatively you may send an email to and a Customer Support team member will follow up with you shortly.

What else should I know about liveConnect?

Our services run on our carrier-grade communications infrastructure. Designed and built in-house. We have direct access to telecom operators across the world. Our global network provides you with the most efficient and reliable service anywhere, at anytime.


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