Manage Source

What is a Source?

Source in maaiiconnect refers to the third-party account of Social Media and Messaging Apps link to the Omnichannel.

Source of an Omnichannel can be:

  • Facebook Page
  • Wechat Official Account
  • WhatsApp Business API

A source is required to be appropriately configured to create an omnichannel successfully. You can only link one Source to an omnichannel.



Currently, only WeChat Source is available to manage on this page.

For Facebook, please go to Facebook Channel > Channel Details > Source and click on the Edit button.

For WhatsApp, please contact your Account Manager or our Sales Team at [email protected] to assist in setting up the connection of your WhatsApp Business API Account in your maaiiconnect Service.

How to Create WeChat Source

Please refer to the Connecting WeChat to maaiiconnect section of this Guide for detailed instructions on creating new sources.


How to View and Edit Source Details

To view a Source Details:

  • From the navigation menu, go to Omnichannels > Manage Source
  • Click on the Source Name, Source Type or Original ID of the particular source you want to view its details.
  • Source Details page displays.

To edit a Source Details:

  • On the Source Details page, click on the Edit button

View and edit a source

Update any of the following (if only required):

  • Official Account Name

  • Original ID

  • Developer ID (AppID)

  • Developer Password (AppSecret)

  • Click on the Save button.


Changes in the Source Details will take effect immediately after clicking Save.
To avoid connection disruption between your staff members and visitors, be mindful of the timing when editing source details.


How to Delete a Source

To delete a source:

  • From the navigation menu, go to Omnichannels > Manage Source
  • On the right-hand side of a particular source, click on the trash bin icon.
    A pop-up window will appear, asking to confirm the deletion of the source.
  • Click Delete

Deleting a source

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Manage Source

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