Dashboard Guide (Admin)

This Dashboard Guide provides maaiiconnect administrators with simple guidelines on how to use the maaiiconnect Dashboard.

The maaiiconnect administrator dashboard is an all-in-one solution suitable for organizations that seek to manage and configure their customer engagement operations efficiently while having a platform for internal collaboration within the same application.

Inbound Customer Engagement

To set up your inbound customer engagement, you can follow these steps:

Know your visitors and customers by enabling the Pre-chat Survey in your Visitor Forms.

Staff members of your maaiiconnect service account will act as agents who will attend to your customers and visitors' inquiries from different channels using their Workspace

Taking notes during calls may prevent your staff from listening attentively. Manage Call Recording Settings to record essential details of their conversations.

Route your unattended website and web link/QR code visitors to your Offline Support Form, and your unattended virtual number calls to Voicemail.

Take a glimpse of your ongoing, followed-up, and missed inquiries in Inquiry Overview.

Outbound Customer Engagement, Promotions, and Campaigns

Set up your outbound customer engagement by following these steps:

Distribute your customer, leads, and prospects among your team members and proceed with your outbound engagement using the Workspace, and:

Use Campaign Manager to send your promotional messages and campaigns.


Instantly communicate with your team members and colleagues while providing customer service, or be part of a team that uses maaiiconnect for projects, departmental and operational discussions, and other interactions.



Preferences and Accessories

As an individual with a maaiiconnect service account, you can view and modify the following:

The maaiiconnect dashboard also has the following functions that will help you use maaiiconnect easily

Monitoring and Reports

Track the activities of your teams, customers, and visitors happening within your maaiiconnect service account in your reports and analytics:

Check the My Plan page for a summary of your service account's usage statistics.

Manage your Storage and check if you need to upgrade or delete files that are no longer necessary.

Admin Dashboard

Administrators also have the same capabilities as agents. Refer to the Dashboard Guide (Agent) for more information about maaiiconnect customer engagement and communication features.

Mobile device users can refer to the Mobile APP Guide guide. You can download the maaiiconnect APP from Google Play (Android) or Android APK and App Store (iOS).

For more information on device/browser requirements, please refer to the Overview section.

Your opinion and experience using maaiiconnect is crucial to us. By sending us your Feedback means so much in shaping and building maaiiconnect.

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Dashboard Guide (Admin)

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