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The My Account page lists your Profile, Display Names, Routing Settings, Change Password, and QR Code and Weblink details.

You can edit some of your personal details to keep your information up to date.

My Account

To start editing your Profile details, click the Edit button at the bottom right corner of the interface.

Edit Personal Information

Note: those with :white-check-mark: can be edited, while those with :x: cannot

:white-check-mark: Upload new profile picture
:white-check-mark: First Name
:white-check-mark: Last Name
:white-check-mark: Your Default Display Name

:x: Role
:x: Email
:x: Extension Number

:white-check-mark: Phone Number
:white-check-mark: Job Title
:white-check-mark: Time Zone
:white-check-mark: Dashboard Language

Edit Personal Information


Quick Tip

Extension Number can be changed, contact your Administrator for assistance.

Add Display Name in Selected Language(s)

Your Default Display Name is the name your visitors will see in any language at the Tag and Staff Directory.

  • To have different names for specific languages, click +Add Display Name.
  • On the Language drop down list, choose from any of the following: English, Italian, Thai, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional)
  • On the Display Name field, type in your preferred name for the chosen language. You can have different display names for all the supported languages. Otherwise, your default display name will be shown.
  • Click on Save located at the bottom right corner of the interface to save the changes made to your account.

Add Displayed Name for a Specific Language

This is how it looks like when having displayed name in a specific language.

Sample Display Name in the Staff Directory

Routing Settings Details

Routings Settings displays the information related to the Destination you are associated with to provide inquiry support, the Tag, and the Number (Toll Free or DID inbound calls).

QR Code & Web Link Details

QR Code & Web Link displays your QR codes and web links for Direct Call and Direct Chat Inquiries.

You can download your QR Codes (in PNG and SVG formats) and copy the web links so you can share them to your Visitors and Contacts as personal call and chat IDs that they can use to reach out to you.

For detailed instructions on how to change your password, refer to Changing Password of this Guide.

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