About maaiiconnect

M800's maaiiconnect is a one-stop digital platform that offers telecommunications solutions through different software and applications. It enables its clients to service their customers with thorough security, audits, and data collection.

Through the maaiiconnect customers' website, visitors can connect with business staff in real-time using an integrated web widget that enhances the overall customer experience. maaiiconnect also provides a one-click-call action and dynamic directory routing services for specific business needs, arranged within the web Dashboard.

The maaiiconnect platform comes with the following unified components:

  • Visitor Web Client for client-side website integration and communication
  • Staff Dashboard for enterprise-side configuration and communication
  • Staff Mobile App for enterprise-side communication

Web Browser Requirements

The maaiiconnect Staff Dashboard is available in desktop web browsers only. Visitors can access the maaiiconnect Widget and web view through mobile web browsers or desktop web browsers.

Browser Configuration

  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • localStorage must be enabled
  • TLS v1.2 or above must be supported
  • Cookies may be enabled to provide a better user experience

Desktop Platform

maaiiconnect supports the following WebRTC-compatible web browsers running on Windows or Mac:


Browser & Version

MacOS and Windows

Chrome v74 or later


Safari v12.3 or later

Mobile Platform

maaiiconnect supports the following WebRTC-compatible web browsers running on Android and iOS:


Browser & Version


Chrome v74 or later


Safari v12.3 or later

Mobile Device Requirements (IOS & Android Apps)

maaiiconnect Staff Mobile App is available in the following mobile OS:




6 or later


12.3 or later

Bandwidth Requirements

The table below lists the network bandwidth requirements needed to make calls using the maaiiconnect Web widget.

maaiiconnect uses an adaptive codec that automatically changes to adapt to a user's network condition and provide them with the best call experience.


Audio Codec

Bit Rate (Single Stream)


VoIP (Voice over IP)


8 to 32 kbps

~0.5 to 2 M/min



64 kbps




360P - 400 kbps
480P - 750 kbps

360P ~24 M/min
480P ~45 M/min

Screen Sharing


20 to 100 kbps

~1 to 6 M/min

Recording File Size

The table below lists the estimated storage size of the recording file in different call type. It may various based on the network and content (e.g. audio volume, video screen brightness). Refer to Recording Calls for more details.

Call Type

Recording File Size (60s)

1 to 1 audio call (VoIP or PSTN)

2 MB

1 to 1 video (1 camera on)

2 MB

1 to 1 video (2 cameras on)

4 MB

Conference audio

1 MB

Other Requirements

  • Some features require various permissions to be enabled to work correctly.
  • Network access is needed to use the maaiiconnect Staff Dashboard, Mobile App, and Visitor Client.
  • Microphone or headset with microphone is a requirement for devices that do not have a built-in microphone for calling.

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