What is M800 Phone Number API?

M800 Phone Number API is an API service that provides virtual numbers subscriptions to businesses. M800's Phone Number APIs allow users to perform different operations from querying available virtual numbers in a country to subscribing virtual numbers in a programmatic manner.

The Phone Number API service enables users to search for new virtual numbers in a specific country and retrieve the current subscription price and other operations by making API calls.

Using the Phone Number API, you can programmatically:

  • Search for countries and cities with available M800 virtual numbers
  • Search for destination countries for routing your calls
  • Search for available virtual numbers - Toll-free and DIDs
  • Retrieve pricing information for available virtual numbers
  • Subscribe to available virtual numbers - Toll-free and DIDs
  • Manage your subscribed virtual numbers

The M800 Phone Number API is organized around REST architectural style and uses HTTP verbs and standard HTTP status codes to indicate API errors. The API responses, including errors, are returned in JSON.

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