Plans and Services

What is maaiiconnect?
maaiiconnect is a cloud/hybrid based virtual contact center that provides a full set of features and capabilities that brings the Customer engagement experience to the highest quality standard.

Who should use maaiiconnect?
Businesses of all sizes looking to improve their customer engagement and internal collaboration experience regionally or internationally.

How do I create a maaiiconnect Service Account?
Click here to sign up for free our Essentials Plan and after your received the credential to get the access on the maaiiconnect dashboard follow the instructions

What are the plans offer in maaiiconnect?

  • Essentials: Our free, web-based solution allows your customers to reach you instantly. Anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  • Pro: Enhance your customer’s experience with a full-fledged business communication suite.
  • Business: Drive premium experience across every channel and customer touchpoint.
  • Enterprise: Our platform, your rules

For pricing details, visit pricing in our website.

More detail on the billing you can see FAQ Billing. For more details, please refer to the following page

How can I increase the number of staff or upgrade to other plan in maaiiconnect?
Please contact our Sales Team to request for upgrade.


How do I set up maaiiconnect widget on my website?
maaiiconnect solution can be deployed instantly by copying and pasting the widget code onto your web pages. Please see our Developer Guide section in the maaiiconnect Developer Guide to get started.

Can I integrate maaiiconnect widget on more than one site or domain?
Yes, you can integrate our maaiiconnect widget in multiple websites to fully support your business operations.

How do my visitors use maaiiconnect?
Visitor can interact with maaiiconnect through a widget on your website after you integrated into your website. You can also further customise to allow visitor to interact with maaiiconnect by clicking any html element in your website. What's more, your visitor can interact with maaiiconnect by calling a number if you have any Virtual Number in your account.

Do you have an example of what my visitors' experience will be?
Yes. You may click on the maaiiconnect widget on this page to experience maaiiconnect from a visitor's perspective.

Is the widget customisable?
According to your subscription plan, you can customize your own widget icon with Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. Please see Customize Your Widget Appearance in the maaiiconnect Administration Guide.

maaiiconnect Widget

What is a Tag in maaiiconnect?
A tag is a display label in the tag directory to help customers connect to your appropriate business division.

Can I enable call or chat only in a tag?
Yes, a tag can be customised to reflect your desired function in business operation. Please see Manage Tag Directory or Creating New Tags.

Account and Role

How do I login my maaiiconnect Service Account?
To login in to maaiiconnect, use the maaiiconnect Service Domain provisioned by M800.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
You can reset your password through Forgot Password link available in the Login page. See Dashboard Login or APP Login.

How do I change my password?
You can change your password through the My Account page. See Changing Password

What are the difference between staff with admin role and staff with agent role?
maaiiconnect offers two types of roles for your staff. The Admin role allows full access to all functions and configurations including widget appearance, staff management and service numbers. The Agent role is to focus on visitor interaction including call and chat inquiries, following up on unresolved inquiries and collaborate with other staff.

Can both Admin and Agent answer a visitor's inquiry?
Yes, staff (both admin and agent) can answer a visitor's inquiry.

Can I change staff member's email address?
No, the staff member's email address cannot be changed. If a staff member needs to change the login email, the Administrator will need to create new staff account in the Web Dashboard, then delete the old account. Please see Staff Management Guide for more details at Staff Management

How to set my availability status to busy from being active?
Click on your Staff Name Account in the upper right corner of the Dashboard and toggle the availability status to Busy.

I am a Staff with Admin role. Can I create a staff admin user by myself? Can multiple Admin users be created?
Yes, any person holding an admin role can create admin roles for others.

Can I suspend and delete a staff account?
Yes, please see our Staff Management Guide to know more details.

How can I increase number of staff in maaiiconnect?
Please contact our Sales Team to request for upgrade.

What supervisory or admin functions are available in the platform?
Admin can overview all the inquiries and view the report of the whole maaiiconnect service.

Call and Chat Capabilities

Can I answer incoming calls from visitors on traditional phones?
Yes, you can set up your preferred destination as your landline or mobile phone number.

Can I get Toll-Free or local numbers from M800 and use them as entry point for visitors calling and terminate to my maaiiconnect Service Account?
Yes, of course. This feature is available only from the Pro package. It is not available if the Customer selects the Essentials.

Can I answer visitors calling from my purchase M800 Toll-Free or local numbers on maaiiconnect Web Dashboard or Mobile App?
Yes, you can set up your preferred destination to a staff with maaiiconnect account.This feature is available only from the Pro package. It is not available if the you select the Essentials.

What happens if the visitor mobile browser is not WebRTC supported? Can the visitors still call the staff?
In case of the mobile browser of the visitor is not WebRTC compatible, we have the click-to-GSM feature that is a native call from the customer's device to the preferred destination number. Alternatively, the visitor can send chat messages.

Can I link my existing Toll-Free number, local number or any phone number to maaiiconnect widget? If so, how?
Yes. You can use any of your existing phone numbers as the destination number to answer incoming calls from visitors. Follow the How to Create Tags workflow and set up your existing phone number in Destination Settings.

What are Virtual Numbers in maaiiconnect?
A virtual number is a telephone number that allows your worldwide customers to call at a reduced cost. At M800 our virtual numbers include Toll-Free and Local Numbers.
For more details, please see our Manage Virtual Numbers of maaiiconnect Guide.

If I am active in maaiiconnect Dashboard and App , will I be notified for the incoming call and chat on both devices?
Yes, you will receive simultaneous notifications.

Will I be notified of visitor call and chat inquiries when my availability status is busy or offline?
No, if your status is Busy or Offline, you will not receive visitor inquiries, however you can chat to other staff members and make outgoing calls.

Can I use my phone number as my Caller Display Number?
Yes, you can add your number to use as caller display number when making outgoing call from the dial pad or chat room.

Can I make calls and chat to another staff using maaiiconnect?
Yes, you can do it through the Staff Phonebook.

Compatibility and Support

What are the compatible web browsers to use maaiiconnect?
Please see the Web Browser Requirements section in the maaiiconnect Administration Guide for details to have always an updated list of web browsers compatibility.

Is mobile app for Staff available in the maaiiconnect product?
maaiiconnect allow staff to work not only via web, but also via mobile app. Mobile app is available for Android and iOS and allows Staff to experience the same features as the web platform. For any details and capabilities, please refer to Mobile APP Guide .

What are the supported languages of maaiiconnect?
maaiiconnect supports English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Italian.

How do I contact maaiiconnect support team if I need help or encounter an issue in the maaiiconnect Web Dashboard, Mobile App or Widget?
Please contact our customer support through the maaiiconnect widget in the maaiiconnect website or directly from the dashboard.

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