Service Numbers

Service Numbers are verified enterprise numbers that maaiiconnect administrators and staff members can use as their caller display numbers or calling line identities (CLIs) when making outbound calls to their visitors and customers. Having enterprise numbers as caller display numbers helps a company establish a local presence to its customers' locations, regardless of where the business or its staff is physically based.

You can add local (DID) numbers in the Service Numbers list that all staff members can use as their caller display number when making outbound calls.

Add Service Numbers

To bring your enterprise numbers as service numbers in maaiiconnect:

  • Navigate to the Settings > Service Number interface from the navigation pane.
  • Click Add Phone Number
    Under the pop-up window, enter the phone number and click Send Code for verification
  • SMS verification code sends to your entered phone number
  • Under the Verify Code text box, enter the six digits SMS verification code
  • Click Add
  • Entered verification code will be validated; a confirmation message will appear if valid or not

Add a Service Number



  • Click Resend if no SMS verification code has received.
  • Three invalid attempts are allowed, wait for 10 minutes to try again.

Delete Added Service Numbers

To delete added service mobile phone number,

  • Navigate to the Settings > Service Numbers interface from the navigation pane.
  • Click the delete icon beside the phone number it needs to delete
  • A confirmation box appears to confirm the removal of the phone number. Click Delete

Delete a Service Number

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