Setting Your Availability Status

maaiiconnect lets you set your availability status on your dashboard or mobile app to indicate your readiness to accept incoming inquiries.

When you sign in for the first time, maaiiconnect automatically sets your availability status to Active. The next time you log in, maaiiconnect will base your availability status on the status before your last logout.

maaiiconnect also syncs your availability status with your dashboard, mobile app, and all devices and browsers you are logged on.

You may change your availability status when needed, such as when you need time for post-inquiry processing.

To change “Active” status in the Dashboard:

  1. Click on your staff name in the upper right corner of the Dashboard.
  1. Toggle Availability: Active to Busy.


Staff Status Availability

  1. ACTIVE : Staff is logged-in and ready to start receiving open inquiries

  2. BUSY : Staff is logged-in but will not receiving any open inquiries.

maaiiconnect has two more statuses which are triggered by the system automatically:

  1. IDLE: Logged-in but the staff is not actively using maaiiconnect for more than 10 minutes

  2. OFFLINE : Staff is not login to maaiiconnect to any platform and device

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Setting Your Availability Status

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