Viewing the Staff Report

You can get detailed information about the times when your Staff members were available for visitor call and chat inquiries using the Staff Report.

To view Staff Report, from the navigation pane, click Report > Staff Report Report.


The report offers a graphical representation of your staff statuses. The activity is represented by 24 squares, one for each hour during a particular day.

Staff StatusColorDescription
ActiveGreenThe staff members are online and actively using maaiiconnect. They are accepting call and chat inquiries.
BusyRedThe staff members set their status into busy. They are not accepting call and chat inquiries.
AwayAmberThe staff members are online but inactive and idle in their maaiiconnect Dashboard or App.
OfflineGrayThe staff members are offline.

Offline status includes the following conditions:

  • Staff has switched maaiiconnect app to background
  • Staff has killed maaiiconnect App
  • Staff has closed maaiiconnect web Dashboard
  • Staff has network issue (poor network or no network)
  • Staff did not login to maaiiconnect web Dashboard or App of any device

Staff Overview Report

Staff Detail Report

For the Detail Report, it displays:

  • Total Active Time
  • Total Busy Time
  • Total Idle Time
  • Total Offline Time

The first ten (10) staff with the highest Total Active Time will be the default staff list to display.

Staff Detail Report

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Viewing the Staff Report

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