Managing Devices

maaiiconnect lets you view and manage all the devices and browsers you are currently logged on by providing details like the locations of these devices and their last active times. It also lets you remotely log out of any or all of these devices in cases when you have forgotten to log out of a device you no longer have access to, or when you need to secure your account.

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1. How to remotely logout a specific device?

You can log out a specific device by clicking the logout icon to the particular device you want to log out. A pop up confirmation will show to confirm the logging out of the particular device.

Logout a Specific Device

2. How to remotely logout all other devices?

You can log out all other devices except for the device you are currently using by clicking Log out all other devices . A pop up confirmation will show to confirm the logging out of all others devices.

Logout All Other Devices



A Staff Account can log on to three devices for the maaiiconnect App and two web browsers for the maaiiconnect Dashboard.

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Managing Devices

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