My Plan lets you monitor whether or not you have used up the provisions included in your current service plan. It also has a Rate Table, where you can check the call rates per minute for landline, mobile, and maaiiconnect calls, and SMS rates per message for the supported locations.

Plan Monitoring

Displays the number of Staff members, Tags, Destinations, and Storage consumed by your Service Account.

Clicking any of the following links:

  • Manage Staff
  • Manage Tag
  • Manage Destination
  • Storage

Will redirect you to their corresponding pages and display their details.

Rate Table

To find the latest rates for the following:

  • Landline Call Rate (per minute)
  • Mobile Call Rate (per minute)
  • SMS rate (per message)
  1. From the dashboard navigation pane, click My Plan
  2. Click on Rate Table. A table with information about the Country Code, Destination, and Rates will appear. Note that the unit of currency will be USD.

Rate Table Example



  • Calls are billed per minute.
  • The above services are provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. M800 reserves the right to terminate the offer or amend any terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  • maaiiconnect Calls (Staff-to-Visitor and Staff-to-Staff VoIP Calls) have a fixed charge rate per minute in all countries.

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My Plan

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