Customize Your Widget Appearance

To customize your widget appearance, navigate to the Appearance tab from the navigation menu and click English (default).

Preview Panel

The preview panel displays the real-time rendering of your widget appearance as you customize the widget in the Preferences Panel.

Preferences Panel

The preferences panel provides brand personalization options to closely align the web widget to the look and feel of your business.

Enterprise Name

Enterprise name is your brand name or business name that is displayed in the widget. To enter a business name:

  1. In the Preferences panel, enter your business name under the Enterprise Name field.
  2. Click Save.

Widget Master Color

Master color is the color you can assign to the widget header. You can select the preset color shades or customize your color from the Color Picker.

To select a preset master color:

  1. In the Preferences panel, click on Master Color .
  2. Click on the preferred color.
  3. Click Save.

To customize the Master Color using the Color Picker:

  1. Click on the polychromatic circle.
  2. Select a color shade from the color field or the color slider. Optionally, you can also enter Hex codes and RGB values.
  3. Click Save.

Widget Icon

You can personalize the widget icon by uploading your brand image file.

To upload a new widget icon image:

  1. In the Preferences panel, click on Widget Icon.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. Browse your image file and select it.
  4. Click Save.

Icon Image File Specifications
Format: JPG or PNG
File size: 100 KB or less
Resolution: 160 x 160 pixels

In-call Video and Image

To upload a video/image pair:

  1. In the Preferences panel, click on In-call Video/Image
  2. Click +Add New In-call Video and Image.
  3. For video upload, click Upload above In-call Video.
  4. For image upload, click Upload above In-call Image.
  5. After uploading the video and image files, click Save.

Video Specifications

Video Format: MP4
File Size: 3 MB or less
Suggestion Ratio: 16:9

Audio Specifications
Image Format: JPG or PNG
File Size: 500 KB or less
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels

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