Adding Chatbot to maaiiconnect

maaiiconnect provides integration to your chatbot as your destination that supports your customer service and sales results. Add and deploy an intelligent virtual assistant in your maaiiconnect service, bringing a new level of automation, quick, proactive and 24/7 available.

Currently, maaiiconnect supports the integration of the following Chatbot Platforms:

  • Microsoft QnA Maker
  • Google Dialogflow
  • Sanuker Stella

As to which chatbot among the three to add to your maaiiconnect service, well, that would depend on how you would like to leverage chatbot use on the day to day business operation.

Here are some links that would provide some information to each chatbot and its services.


The chatbot will only respond to your visitor enquiries through chat.
Chatbot responses are according to the set Knowledge Base - questions and answers or the Bot Builder for the intents or tree node you have created in your Chatbot platform.


Adding Chatbot as a Destination

To add your chatbot:

  • From the navigation menu, go to Destinations and click the Chatbot tab.
  • On the Chatbot interface, click on the Add Chatbot button located on the top-right corner of the page.

Basic Information

  • Chatbot Name - the name of your chatbot that will appear in the chatbot list and to your visitor
  • Avatar - upload for the avatar of your chatbot that will appear to your visitor
  • Chatbot Description - the description of your chatbot that will appear in your chatbot list

Support Language - the language set to handle support by your service team
Support Location - the country/region set to handle support by your service team


Chatbot Source
Select the Chatbot Platform and fill in the required fields.
Please ensure all information is correct as displayed in your chatbot account.

Chatbot SourceChatbot Source

Chatbot Source


Microsoft QnA Maker

  1. Log in to your Microsoft QnA Maker account.
  2. Navigate to "My knowledge bases".
  3. Click the View Code button of the Knowledge base name you would like to connect with maaiiconnect. A pop-up window will show for the Postman API.
  4. Click Copy for the Postman API.
Microsoft QnA MakerMicrosoft QnA Maker

Microsoft QnA Maker

  1. Paste the Postman API details on the Postman API field on the maaiiconnect side.
Microsoft QnA Maker - Postman APIMicrosoft QnA Maker - Postman API

Microsoft QnA Maker - Postman API

Google Dialogflow

  1. Log in to your Google Dialogflow Console account.
  2. Create a service account key:
  • In the Cloud Console, click the email address for the service account that you created.
  • Click Keys.
  • Click Add key, then click Create new key.
  • Click Create. A JSON key file is downloaded to your computer.
  • Click Close.
    For more details, please check the Dialogflow Documentation.
  1. Copy and paste the generated service account key on the Service Account Key field on the maaiiconnect side.
Dialogflow - Service Account KeyDialogflow - Service Account Key

Dialogflow - Service Account Key


Sanuker Stella

  1. Log in to your Sanuker Stella account.
  2. Access Tokens - navigate to Settings > Access Token and copy the Access Token located on the Active access tokensof the page.
Sanuker Stella - Access TokensSanuker Stella - Access Tokens

Sanuker Stella - Access Tokens

  1. Paste the access token key in the Access Token field on the maaiiconnect side.

  2. Channel ID - navigate to Channels and click Edit for the created channel you want to connect with maaiiconnect. The channel platform must be a Custom Channel.

  3. Navigate to the Platform tab and key in the information below to the Customer Info and Save.

  "sendResponseApi": ""
Sanuker Stella - Custom InfoSanuker Stella - Custom Info

Sanuker Stella - Custom Info


  1. Navigate to Channels again and copy the Channel ID of the channel you will connect to maaiiconnect by clicking ... and then Copy Channel ID.
Sanuker Stella - Channel IDSanuker Stella - Channel ID

Sanuker Stella - Channel ID

  1. Paste the channel ID value in the Channel ID field on the maaiiconnect side.

  2. Organisation ID - navigate to Settings > General and copy the Organisation ID value located on the Basic Info section of the page.

  3. Paste the Organisation ID value in the Organisation ID field on the maaiiconnect side.

Sanuker Stella - Organisation IDSanuker Stella - Organisation ID

Sanuker Stella - Organisation ID

Sanuker Stella - Access Token, Channel ID and Organisation IDSanuker Stella - Access Token, Channel ID and Organisation ID

Sanuker Stella - Access Token, Channel ID and Organisation ID


maaiiconnect support Text, Quick Replies and Carousel Message Types on this version.


Transfer Enquiry - Chatbot to Live Agent
Allow your staff to jump in and take over the conversation when your web visitor finds an agent. Transfer maaiiconnect webchat enquiry handled by the chatbot to a service group or staff member.

  • Toggle ON to enable the transfer of chatbot conversation to your staff
  • Select between Tag and Staff in the dropdown list to whom should visitor, and chatbot conversation continued.
    Note that the visitor will initiate the transfer of enquiry from the Chatbot to the live agent.

Click Create when done on setting up your Chatbot.

Transfer Enquiry - Chatbot to Live AgentTransfer Enquiry - Chatbot to Live Agent

Transfer Enquiry - Chatbot to Live Agent


Using Chatbot to your Channel

To use your Chatbot to your Channel:

  • Into your Channel - Tag Directory or any Omnichannel, create a new channel or edit an existing channel and go to Routing Settings.
  • Under Routing Rules (you may have selected Alternative, Time or Percentage Routing), click + Add Destination , and a pop-up window will show to select a destination.
  • Go to the Chatbot tab, and select the Chatbot you added.
Selecting Chatbot as DestinationSelecting Chatbot as Destination

Selecting Chatbot as Destination

  • The routing rule should work the same with or without a chatbot in the destination. The chatbot can only serve a chat enquiry.

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Adding Chatbot to maaiiconnect

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