Identity and Inquiry

How does the maaiiconnect inquiry workflow work? In maaiiconnect, an inquiry workflow begins when a customer or visitor Opens an inquiry through any of the available channels, such as the web widget, weblink or QR code, virtual number, or omnichannel. Suppose an agent or Staff member picks up their inquiry, its status changes to Ongoing until resolved and Closed by the agent or the visitor. Otherwise, the inquiry is classified as Missed; The agent can Follow-Up missed inquiries until resolved. For more information. Refer to our User Guide for more information.

Where can I view a visitor's information and their inquiry details?

You can view visitor's information and inquiry details such as visitor first and last name, inquiry ID, type, channel details, platform, location, language and other details on the Inquiry Overview and Room Details Panel. Please refer to our User Guide.

Can I still view the details of a closed inquiry?

Yes, you can. Closed inquiries are archived in the Inquiry Overview. You may click on a closed inquiry to view the visitor's details, chat conversations, and other information.

Where can I see the missed inquiries?

You can find the missed inquiries on the Inquiry Panel and Inquiry Overview.

What channels can a visitor use to send an inquiry to maaiiconnect?

Visitors can send their inquiries to maaiiconnect through any of the following channels:

  • maaiiconnect Web Widget
  • Direct chat or calls by Weblink or QR code
  • Virtual number (local or toll-free)
  • Campaign (e.g., SMS Campaign, and coming soon: Omnichannel, etc.)
  • Omnichannel (e.g., Facebook Messenger, and coming soon: WhatsApp, WeChat etc.)

What is a Directory on maaiiconnect?

A Directory is a list of available contact points that a visitor can explore using the maaiiconnect Widget. It may refer to the Tag Directory (which shows a list of different Tags), or the Staff Directory (which lists out your staff contacts).

Can I link my Facebook Fan Page, WhatsApp and other social accounts on maaiiconnect?

Currently maaiiconnect has integrated Facebook Messenger to let you answer any message from Facebook as a maaiiconnect inquiry. Integration with WhatsApp and other social media platforms will soon be available on maaiiconnect.

Can I transfer an inquiry to another agent?

Yes, you can. maaiiconnect lets you transfer chat inquiries to another staff member.

What is a Destination on maaiiconnect?

A Destination is an individual or a group that can answer inquiries from the maaiiconnect Widget, direct calls, or chat via Weblink or QR code, Virtual Numbers, or Omnichannel. You can route inquiries according to the Destination rules, type, and endpoint.

Is it possible to route chat or call inquiry to a specific support team or group?

Yes, it is. You can create a Destination with a specific staff list so that call or chat inquiries can be directed to them.

Can I use my existing phone numbers to answer call inquiries from maaiiconnect?

Yes, you can create a Destination for a PSTN Number and then add your personal phone numbers as its endpoints.

Can I answer call inquiries through a SIP Trunk?

Yes. You can create a Destination and set the SIP trunk as its type. However, you will need assistance from the maaiiconnect Support Team to complete this setup.

Is it possible to limit access to live support by language?

Yes, it is. You can configure maaiiconnect to route incoming inquiries depending on the visitor's preferred language, as determined by their browser language settings.

Is it possible to limit access to live support by location?

Yes, it is. You can configure maaiiconnect to route incoming inquiries depending on the visitor's location, as determined by their IP address.

Can I distribute customer inquiries to different support teams by volume?

Yes, you can configure maaiiconnect to route incoming inquiries based on volume percentage.

Can I route customer inquiries to different support teams based on what time is it?

Yes, you can configure maaiiconnect to route incoming inquiries depending on the time of day.

What is Alternative Routing?

Alternative Routing is a routing rule that distributes incoming inquiries based on the list order of the Destinations.

Can I route returning customers to the same agent?

Yes, maaiiconnect has Sticky Routing feature which routes a returning customer back to the same agent whenever they send a inquiry again.

Does Sticky Routing stop working or expire at some point?

Depending on a Virtual Number's settings, a sticky relation may expire if there are no further interactions between the bound visitors and Staff members beyond a set time.

What is Engagement?

Engagement is a maaiiconnect call feature that creates an engagement binding between a visitor and the Staff member who called them using a virtual number. The next time the visitor reaches using the same number, maaiiconnect routes them to the same Staff member who called them. The Staff member may save their contact details and create an inquiry room for them.

How is Engagement different from Sticky Routing?

Both Sticky Routing and Engagement create a binding relationship between a visitor and a Staff member.

In Sticky Routing, the binding starts from the visitor (via inquiries).
In Engagement, the binding starts from the Staff member (via outbound calls).

Can I show a greeting message proactively with the Widget on my website?

Yes, you can. The maaiiconnect Widget has a Smart Greeting feature that lets you display a custom message that appears on top of the Widget icon.

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Identity and Inquiry

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