Data Centres

Does your data centre have global certifications?

Yes. Our data centres are compliant to ISO9001 & ISO 27001.

Do you have any power arrangement to support the maaiiconnect platform?

Our maaiiconnect service platforms are located in our data centres where we have UPS and emergency power supply providing non-interruptible power to support the operation of the platform.

What are the security standards that maaiiconnect maintains in order to protect customer data from unauthorised use, access, disclosure, theft, or manipulation?

maaiiconnect is fully GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO9001, and PCI DSS compliant.

We constantly ensure the highest levels of security standards are implemented and maintained across every aspect of our business. Nothing is more important than the security of our customers, so we will always guarantee the maaiiconnect service remains fully compliant.

Is your payment gateway compliant with PCI DSS?

Yes. All sensitive credit card data are protected in a dedicated zone according to PCI DSS requirements.

Updated 7 months ago

Data Centres

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