The maaiiconnect Plugin for WordPress lets you instantly add call and chat functions on your WordPress site so you can promptly answer enquiries from your online visitors. It installs the maaiiconnect Widget on your page and lets you take advantage of the platform's core features without the need to install third-party plugins to copy and paste the widget installation code.

Note that you cannot install plugins on WordPress.com unless you upgrade to their business plan. On the other hand, you can immediately install any plugin you want on your self-hosted WordPress.org. Refer to this WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com article for more information about the differences between the two domains.

This is a step-by-step guide on installing the maaiiconnect Plugin on your WordPress site. You may also refer to How to Install a WordPress Plugin for more tips on how to install a WordPress plugin.

To install the maaiiconnect plugin on your WordPress site:

  • Log in to your WordPress Admin panel.
  • On your WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins on the left navigation menu, then click on the Add New button. This will redirect you to the WordPress Plugins Directory.
  • On the Plugins Directory, type maaiiconnect in the search bar on the right side of the screen.
  • From the Search Results, look for maaiiconnect plugin then click on Install Now. Wait for a few minutes until WordPress finishes installing the plugin.
  • Click on Activate. This will redirect you back to the Plugins section of your WordPress Dashboard, with maaiiconnect already listed among your installed WordPress plugins.
  • Under maaiiconnect plugin, click on Settings.
  • On the maaiiconnect plugin Settings pane that will appear, type in your maaiiconnect service.
    • If you haven't signed up for a maaiiconnect service yet, click on the link provided to go to the maaiiconnect website and register for one.
  • Click on Save Changes. You may also click on Launch maaiiconnect Dashboard to open the Dashboard on your browser.
  • Refresh your website. The maaiiconnect widget should appear at the bottom right corner of the page.
    If the widget does not display and your website is using cache plugins or CDN cache, please clear the cache.

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