Carrier-Grade Infrastructure

Do you offer any SLA to your customers?

Yes. We commit to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.95% annual uptime guarantee to all of our customers - including the free Essentials Plan.

How can your platform support 99.95% uptime availability?

Our infrastructure is designed to provide a 99.95% high availability. For any leased service like network connection, we have a back-to-back SLA with our service provider to ensure 99.95% service availability.

Can you offer a higher SLA?

Our infrastructure is based on full redundancy architecture and can offer at least 99.95% high availability. Moreover, it is in line with our other service suppliers such as transmission / internet providers whose SLA is also 99.95%.

What is your network architecture?

We partner with different Tier-1 global carriers and mobile partners to provide a full redundant and high availability network.

Which protocol does M800 support?

We support SIP/SS7/SCCP/Diameter/SMPP.

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Carrier-Grade Infrastructure

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