Sending and Receiving Chats

maaiiconnect chat works the same way as any instant messaging application. Using the internet or network connection, you can send and receive instant messages to and from your fellow staff members.

Starting a New Chat

Immediately communicate and collaborate with your colleagues by starting a new chat. maaiiconnect then creates a new chatroom in your Recent Connections area, where you can also jump back to existing conversations.

To start a new chat:

  • On your Workspace, click on the (+) icon located at the bottom part of your Utility panel, then click on New Chat.
  • On the staff list window that will pop out, select the staff member that you would like to have a conversation with.
  • Click on Create.
  • On the new chatroom panel that will appear on your Workspace, type your message on the text input bar at the bottom, then click on the send icon located beside it.

Sending and Receiving Chats

Message Status

During chat conversations, the following indicators let you know the status of the messages you sent:

Typing Status



You can only type and send up to 10,000 characters per message.

Sharing Files

You can maximize the use of the chatroom and enhance your conversations by sharing images, videos, documents, and more.

For more information on what files can you share in a chatroom, refer to the Sharing Files section of this Guide.

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Sending and Receiving Chats

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